Sno Brum Pro Professional Snow Removal Tool Review

This year we had a lot of snow and since we had problems in the past with the paint finish on our car getting scratches that I searched online for a solution. I have also seen these snow removal tools at car dealers and wondered what they were and if they would work. The solution was to buy it for myself and try it out.

There are two types of Snow brooms, one with a two-part handle that you have to screw together and the one we purchase with a full-size, one-piece handle.

snow broom brum pro review

snow broom brum pro review

The reason we opted for the one with the one-piece handle was because we read that the ones with the two-part handles tend to break in the middle where the handle is screwed together because of the pressure you put on the handle. And, since the Sno Brum Pro has a one-piece handle I found that you can also easily replace it by putting a regular broom replacement handle on it. The handle just screws into place. The head fits any 3/4 Acme Thread.

The Snow Brum has a head made of hard plastic that has polyethylene foam covering all of the edges. This is the part that protects your car’s finish and doesn’t scratch the glass. The head measures 21″ W x 17″ D x 26″ H and the handle is 47″ long. It has an extra cover over the end of the handle with an opening so you can hang it on the wall in the garage or wherever you store you broom, if you want.

snow broom brum pro review

This Snow broom is designed to remove snow and ice from your car and not your house. I have seen comments that buyers think this is for snow removal from a roof. It is not. It is not sturdy enough for that and the manufacturer never says that it was it is designed for. If you are looking to remove snow off of your roof you will want to get a

I found that this Snow Brum removes both snow and ice. You have to use the edges to get the ice off but it works fine. The handle is long enough that it goes all of the way across the windshield and also on the top of the car or SUV. In my video I am using it on our VW Touareg SUV.

We paid $22.99 with Free Super Saver Shipping for the Sno Broom Pro at but the price may fluctuate and may be sold out depending on the time of year you buy it so make sure to check their site. We purchased ours in January at the height of the snow season and there were plenty available.



  • Affordable
  • Does what it says it will do
  • Can replace the handle with a regular broom handle


  • Can’t store in the car or SUV too well which is not really a problem unless you want to take it with you

Disclaimer: this was a personal purchase and we were not compensated in anyway for this review. All opinions are 100% our own.

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