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You remember the commercials and the memorable phrase, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” as you see an older woman laying on the floor in pain. This can happen all too many times to older people who stay in their homes alone. I think most of us value our independence and would like to stay in our homes as long as we can. I know I will do everything I can to stay in my home and if there is technology to help, I’m all for it.

VTech CareLine Safety Telphone system

The VTech CareLine Safety Telephone system is a new tech product for seniors. The system comes with a large corded telephone, a cordless phone, and a pendant button with speaker for wearing about your neck. The pendant button can also be clipped onto a belt or pocket if you don’t want to wear it around your neck. Both phones feature large, over-sized buttons and large displays as well as speaker phone and caller ID. This system has it all!

VTech CareLine Safety Telphone system

When not in use, the Portable Safety Pendent is placed in it’s own cradle to recharge.

There are so many neat features with the VTech CareLine phone system. First, you can program the four buttons on the front of the large unit and put photos under the buttons so it’s easy to call someone just by looking for their photo and pressing the button. Second, you have the added flexibility of having a portable cordless unit. Third, you have the Pendant button to wear for emergencies. The level of use depends on the health of the person using it. A more independent person, who is in good health, may not need the necklace pendant but it’s good to have it around if it is needed.

The portable pendant is super cool. You can make and receive calls right from the pendant and there are two buttons on the back that can be programmed with telephone numbers you call the most or maybe an emergency number like 911. It works like a speakerphone, so you just talk into it to make the call and you can even check your voice mail from it.

VTech CareLine Safety Telphone system

On the back there are two programmable buttons, a volume button, and an ON/OFF switch.

VTech CareLine Safety Telphone system

I was impressed with the quality of each piece. They are made from sturdy plastic and the buttons are easy to press and program. This set is so affordable, you could buy it and use it as a regular phone system no matter your age.

The VTech Careline System also allows for 12 phones to be connected so you could expand on the two phones you get in this kit to make sure there is a phone in every room of the house.

The VTech CareLine phone system is also budget friendly at an average retail price of $119.95. You get everything you see in the photo above – the large corded phone, portable phone, and pendant button. It comes with all of the batteries you need as well and full instructions. You can also purchase a second portable pendant for $29.95.  And, there are no monthly fees. If you purchase from the VTech website you will also get Free Shipping!

The Today Show recently featured the VTech CareLine phone system as a hot new gadget for seniors.


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Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating in a campaign by on behalf VTech Communications, Inc. and received this system to facilitate my review. All opinions stated within are my own.

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  1. This sounds like a great thing for older parents

  2. A terrific review on this new product that is being promoted. Something all the seniors need to know.

  3. Cindy Cook says:

    Where do we enter, my dad needs this? thanks

  4. the widget just goes in a circle loading..
    Oh this would be perfect for my mother. She hates her phones and has refused all the ones I have recommended.

  5. michelle knight says:

    Would love for my mother

  6. this would be wonderful for my elderly widowed mother. It would give us both more peace of mild.

  7. Hollie Jahnke says:

    This would be amazing for my Grandparents. They are both very hard of hearing and their phone goes out on them at least once a week!

  8. Sandra Blanton says:


  9. I would absolutely love to win this for my grandparents. My aunt takes care of them. They live in an apartment addition my aunt had built especially for them.This would be much easier for everyone.

  10. Kathryn Measel says:

    I need this for me.

  11. Fran Scocchera says:

    this would be great

  12. This would be great as my husband and I help care for our mom and would feel safer/

  13. Patrice B says:

    I would like to win this for myself. My eyesight is not so good, and I appreciate large numbers on the large buttons. Thank you.

  14. I would like to win this for my father in law. At ninety years old, having this would aid in keeping him safe. Fingers Crossed!

  15. Barbara Kesterson says:

    This would be great for my mom. She is a stroke victim with limited mobility and has already had a couple of good falls.

  16. Cheryl Burns says:

    This is a great idea for some one who does not want to invest in one of those alarms with monthly charges

  17. Should be another great product from Vtech.

  18. steven d cox says:

    being disabled myself – this would b great- Thanks for the giveaway chance

  19. Theresa Wilson says:

    Would be wonderful!

  20. My Mom could really use this.

  21. Tyne Caouette says:


  22. I have uncontrolled diabetes and i collapsed and laid on the floor going in and out of consissness for 2 hrs, screaming for help and praying i wouldn’.t die alone on the floor untill i had enough strenght to pull my self to a phone!! it ended up being a week in the hospital. i need one so badly, i have to go up and down steps as the house isn’t handicapped ready, can’t afford that either :-( i’m always scared to go up and down or even go outside,fear of falling again. I hope I win one less thing to worry about them.

  23. Rob Jones says:

    I was actually looking at this same phone system just yesterday… wishing I could get this for my 76 year old dad… he’s been in and out of the hospital over the last few months and has fallen several times… mom was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s and I’m sure she will eventually need the use of this as well… Hope I can get one!

  24. Cynthia Pigg says:

    I would love to win this but even if I don’t this looks like exactly what I need for my MOM.

  25. Lavada McReynolds says:

    I’ve always been happy with VTech. What a great system this is for seniors, handi-capped, or those living alone! I would love to own this!

  26. My mom would this.

  27. corinne gonz says:

    just in time for a new babies beginning

  28. I could use this phone system.

  29. K Henderson says:

    My mother could use this phone- she just broke her knee!

  30. this would be great for mom

  31. I want this for our house! I have a 4 year old and our cordless phones are hard for her to work. I’d like to have a phone she could use to easily call 911 if she needed to.

  32. Widget not working today, tweet and shared today! Thanx!

  33. Ashley Fernandez says:

    This would be brilliantly amazing for my elderly grandfather'; the man is so stubborn and he live independently. I have tried time and time again to put him in a senior care home where he can be watched 24/7 but he refuses to give up his independence! I bought him a phone 2 years ago that had a answering machine, because the high technology of it was far to complicated for his abilities he hated it! He complained to me constantly about the answering machine not saving the messages, about himself not being able to figure it out because it was too complex, and finally the one I love the most, he was so upset because the EXTREMELY LOUD ringer, was too soft for him! LOL. If I had the money to get him one of these, I completely would because I worry about him constantly. What an amazing prize, no price can be put here because safety cannot be measured in numbers.

  34. Tyne Caouette says:

    the twitter link isn’t working but I tryed

  35. Would be great!

  36. Thom Coleman says:

    for mom in law

  37. John Walkinshaw says:

    Could use this for my mother-in-law. It would take some of the pressure off my wife, wouldn’t have to worry about her mom as much. Thanks for the chance.

  38. This would be great for my in laws.

  39. Definitely a phone system my mother in law needs

  40. I would love to win this. :)

  41. This would be great for my mom or grandmother <3 Great review with detailed pictures, thanks!

  42. I have to mention that my brother is handicapped and 2 days ago he fell while I was traveling. He was unable to get up by himself. It was lucky he had his phone in his pocket and called me otherwise this could have turned up very badly. Great for Seniors but also great for others a well.

  43. Carmen Woody says:

    my phone is not good at all this would be great

  44. Cheryl Lang says:

    I’m 63 and t think it would be very useful.

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