How to Get the Casino to Send You Free Stuff

I’m not a true gambler, the kind who learns table games and wins big. I don’t want to spend time learning and getting good at table games because to me it is too much work. I go to the casino to be entertained and possibly win a little money – or lose money as is usually the case. I am also not willing to risk a lot of my hard earned money so I play $20, up to $100 max. But, I do love Free Stuff and the thrill of winning.

I also love going to the local casino and hearing my favorite slot machine say, “Super Spin” or “Big Win” or “Let’s pay that again”. My favorite machine has this little green lucky charm guy on it (see below). He points when I win money and the rest of the time I threaten him within an inch of his life when he doesn’t let me win or get extra spins.

how to win at slot machines

Of course, I can’t tell you how to win at slot machines but I do know that you won’t win by rubbing the machine, pulling the lever, or drawing the pattern on the screen. It has nothing to do with skill or lucky. You win at a slot machine when the machine is ready to pay out. Slot machines take in a certain amount of money before they pay out. You might sit at a machine for 5 minutes and lose $20 or site there for 6 hours and lose $20. You might sit at a slot machine for 5 seconds and win $800 or win it in an hour. You never know when the machine will hit.

What I do know is this – we have been going to our local casino for years and have never really won anything but about 4 months ago we went to the casino and played $20 on a single penny slot machine and stayed on that machine from 11 pm until 6 am. It just kept giving us money. We left with $100 in our pocket, not thinking much about it.

The next week we received a voucher telling us to come back to the casino because now we had FREE money to play again. I believe the voucher was for $25 in slot play. So, we went back and played again. I don’t remember if we won or lost but I do remember that the next week we received more FREE money in the mail from the casino. About the 3rd or 4th time we got the free money from the casino we won about $650 on our favorite penny slots. The free offers have continued to come and it is 4 months later. We are still playing on the casino’s money too because we have won enough to stay ahead of the game. Here are all of the current freebies the casino recently sent us. There is enough free slot plays for another month of fun.

how to get free money from the casion

Not only have we gotten free money from the casino but we have gotten invited to a chocolate dessert party, free dinner voucher, free Bingo, an event where we got to pull a ticket from a bin and walked away with a $100 bill and another time we got to go and get 70 points put on our card good for anything we want to use them on from food to shopping to the hotel.

I believe that getting free money and free offers to go to parties, events, dinners, and even hotels stays is directly related to how long you play on a machine and how much you win. The longer we play on one single machine the more free money we get from the casino to come back.

First, you have to make sure you sign up for the casino’s player’s club card. You need to put your player’s club card into the machine each time you play. That way the casino tracks how long you are on a machine and if you have won. They use your information to send the freebies in the mail. Even if you forget your player’s club card when you go to the casino you can easily get another one at the Customer Service kiosks throughout the casino.

I suggest that if you want to get the casino to send you free stuff that you maximize your wins by making sure you have a “winning” machine – better said that done right? I find that the machines have a rhythm. If you see that the machine is losing 5 or more turns in a row switch. Keep switching until you find one that is consistently paying out. Be smart about your bids too. If you play penny slots like we do then start at 30 cent bids and let it grow if possible. When it gets to around $25 or more then go up to 60 cent bids. If it is losing go back down. That way you keep the pot going. I see people all of the time play 90 cent and higher and sit there and lose it all. They never go up and down. We tend to stay longer on a machine because we are willing to spend the time going up and down. I am not a happy camper if I lose it all in 5 minutes and have to go home.

It would be interesting to find out if you can win more in a short time and still get the free offers in the mail from the casino. But, then again, if you win in a short time would you walk away or blow it all. It’s hard to leave after just a short time. Those slot machines are very addicting.

Here’s to Free money, dinners, swag, and parties all on the casino’s dime!

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Wendy is a mom of three grown boys and grandma to two young granddaughters. She works as a full-time blogger. Wendy has been married to Greg Limauge since 1979 and they live in Connecticut with their many cats and critters. She enjoys gardening, entering sweepstakes and traveling.


  1. April Morrison says:

    This is my territory! I love slot machines! (By the way, I was married in 1979 too!)
    My sister-in-law moved to Vegas about 10 years ago and we’ve been going there at least once a year since. She showed me how much more beneficial it was to bet a $20 bill than playing a penny at a time. I got hooked, but realized I could not spend ALL my time at casinos–not enough money! So I looked into online games. I found “Worldwinner”. That kept me happy for a while, winning and losing, mostly breaking even, until I accidentally got kicked off because my credit card expired and my Pay Pal bank account was out of date, when I accessed another $10 to play. Best thing that happened to me, though, as I discovered OWG’s (Online Instant Win Games, for those who don’t know). Gamble without putting out any money at all, and win! Hooked ever since. I still like the casino’s, though. In fact, I have two free nights at Soaring Eagle Casino here in Michigan because I spent a night (at least 6 hours straight) gambling. I’m sure I spent less than $150, but I just funnel the money back in and keep going. I love it! Greektown Casino here in Detroit has sent me free play as well but that is too far to drive to make it worth it for me (an hour). So, I’ve found that spending around $100 (and it doesn’t even have to be your initial $100….it can be winnings you put back in) in a night will get you deals. Of course, ONLY if you sign up for the Players Club first. I have SO many cards from everywhere in Vegas! Oh, and I also get offers for free rooms in Laughlin, Nevada as well. Laughlin is a great little gambling town on the Colorado River with a nice little boardwalk between Casinos. Any gambler should definitely check it out! I love it there. And they have a nice boat ride you can take on the river, as well. Okay, I guess that’s enough for now. I could go on forever about gambling. 😀

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