How to Get a Free Walgreens Beauty Sample Box

Last time I shopped at Walgreens for beauty products I received a print out with my receipt that told me I qualified for a Free Beauty Sample Box. I had never heard about this free offer from Walgreens so when I went to redeem it on their website I decided to read what it was all about.

I learned that everytime you spend $30 or more on beauty products at Walgreens, and use your Walgreens Balance Rewards card, you get a special code that allows you to get one of three beauty sample boxes for free.

Walgreens Beauty Sample Boxes feature the beauty samples and over $15 in coupon savings.

I had just signed up for the Walgreens Balanced Rewards card in the store too and I got this free offer right away. What a sweet deal! I can’t wait to see what I will get in my box.

According to the Walgreens website, you can get more than one box. You just need to spend $30 in beauty products and you get a new code for each $30 you spend.

I believe this offer is only good until February 14, 2013 so hurry and get yours.

How to get a Free Walgreens Beauty Sample Box

Here are 3 of the Free Walgreens Beauty Sample Boxes Available

Beauty Must Haves
Care for your hair with beauty solutions from accessories and tools to shampoos, conditioners and treatments, plus good tips and valuable coupons.

Beauty Cravings
Treat your skin and hair to the luxurious products they crave: shine and renew with nourishing shampoos, conditioners and creams along with tools that brighten your beauty routine plus good tips and valuable coupons.

Radiant Skin
Enhance your complete skin care regimen with great products to help you revive, moisturize and treat plus good tips and valuable coupons.

What is actually in the Walgreens Beauty Box?

I got mine today and here is what was inside – a comb, hair ties, shampoon samples, and a booklet of coupons.

What is in the Walgreens Beauty Box

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  1. I have a coupon to win a beauty sample box Promo code 7RKX4PSYTY.
    How do I collect it.
    Thank you
    Helen Oelofse

  2. Audrey Griggs says:

    I can not tell where to enter this promo cade M36J6NTCXY I received for walgreens. I got 4 coupons at differant time while shopping at walgreens. Please let me know what dto do. Thanks Audrey

  3. It is March !st and when I click on the red Redeem Your Box bar nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  4. I requested my beauty sample box back in Jan 2013 and it said to allow 4-6 wks. Todate, I have not rec’d anything. Would like to know why????? My promo code is CHVVM7NNMN.


  5. i cantnot find where to enter promo code to receive free beauty sample box.

  6. Tanya Morphew says:

    I received a receipt with a promo code to receive a beauty sample box. When I enter the code it says that the code is invalid. I would like to know if this code is good. I received it 2 months ago. I tried to redeem the beauty box then but they were all gone and the website said to try again in March. I would really like to receive the beauty sample box.

  7. I don.t know how to enter my promo code to receive a beauty sample box could you please assist

    • Gayle, I believe the Walgreens Beauty box campaign is over but if they have started it over again I will be glad to help you figure it out. Does it give you an expiration date on the receipt where the code is located?

  8. I received my receipt today (3/25/13) to get a free “Beauty Sample Box” and did not see the link to enter the promo code in order to register. At the bottom of the receipt it states that samples will be valid from 3/1/13 while supplies last. If the promo is over, Walgreens should stop giving out the promo slips.

  9. Hi

    I received my coupon 3/24/2013 and have tried to redeem it for the beauty sample box. No luck. Any help anyone?

  10. Serena Craig says:

    I have a promo code VNNWZKHZHV. Got it yesterday at Walgreens in Florence, Kentucky. is this where you put the promo code to redeem a sample box? Yesterday was 7/ 22/ 2013.

  11. Paulette Webster-Carter says:

    My promo code is TM999XKCHH. I was entitled to the beauty kit. Please advise.

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